July 19, 2012 archive

Day 3: GLAD Expedition – Calm before the storm… of activity

Today’s edition of the “Daily CARTHEan” will be a bit meager. It’s no accident- the furious pace at which drifter construction proceeded yesterday has left us with very little in the way of group physical labor to be done today. Attaching water-activated flashing LEDs to each of the ninety drifters in the “S1” deployment is …

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Day 2: GLAD Expedition – Nathan Laxague

For the first time in my life, I woke to find myself surrounded on all sides by water with no land in sight. We were definitely not in the Keys (or Kansas, for that matter) anymore. The look of the ocean had changed from its previously pale, shallow aqua to a deep and pristine cerulean. …

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