July 30, 2012 archive

Day 14: GLAD Expedition – Cyclone Hunters

Today is cyclone-hunting day. Don’t worry- it’s not nearly as sinister or dangerous as it sounds. The kind of cyclone that we’re eager to meet is a circular current 50 km in diameter with flow speeds of up to 40 cm/s. In other words, it’s no menacing maelstrom; rather, it is a counterclockwise-rotating feature that …

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Day 13: GLAD Expedition – bit of a blur

I’ll be honest- I don’t like to take shortcuts, but today was a bit of a blur. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to recall events that began 14 hours prior to my writing this. I’ll start simple: breakfast was as it always has been: fresh fruit (!), eggs, and breakfast pastry with some kind of …

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