Day 13: GLAD Expedition – bit of a blur

I’ll be honest- I don’t like to take shortcuts, but today was a bit of a blur. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to recall events that began 14 hours prior to my writing this. I’ll start simple: breakfast was as it always has been: fresh fruit (!), eggs, and breakfast pastry with some kind of squeezed citrus juice. With that out of the way, we continued to prepare for construction of the remaining 90 drifters. Last night saw the first 27 finished and hung on racks for their triangular deployment (referenced in the issue corresponding to Day 12 of the “Daily CARTHEan”).

Said deployment finished this evening around 6:30 PM. The inter-drifter distance was shrunk from previous iterations and the inter-node distance was augmented considerably. This resulted in a deployment operation with long transits in very nice conditions (if you discount the menacing clouds and associated weather that nearly de-railed the drop before a drifter had hit the water). I can say that I enjoyed my job today on the water as much as one can without getting a stern talking to or being arrested.

The night-time task has been to finish half-construction on the 67 drifters that will be deployed Tuesday for our cyclone hunt. As of 10:30 EDT, we are done. The trip is definitely in its home stretch, and it’ll feel quite strange come Tuesday night when we’ve bid farewell to our last little baby.

Nathan Laxague signing off (somewhere between “Margaritaville” and “Lola” on the construction party playlist).