Day 15: GLAD Expedition – Farewell drifters!

Today was the day we bid farewell to our last drifter. I am told it was a bittersweet moment (not really). I missed it on account of sleeping in- late nights on deck can take it out of you. The groundwork for this morning’s final deployment (an inverted “L” on our cyclone) was an all-night, nine stop CTD transect spanning 60 km. Each of the CTD casts plunged to about 750 meters, so it seems like we have a pretty exciting body of data to work with from here on out.

Just two short weeks ago, every scrap of deck space was occupied by PVC bodies, floats, construction materials, and the large boxes of Coast Guard drifters we were to deploy. Now the time has come for a little R&R (research and recovery…). In about four hours, we will have reached our final CTD survey waypoint (an additional survey spot designated by the Naval Research Laboratory) and be well on our way back east. The idea is to pass through the location of the 27 GT-31 laden drifters from S2 and scoot back to Miami. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to hitch a ride on the loop current.

On the lighter side of things, lunch was a reeeally good BLT on challah bread and the dinner bell JUST rang. I’ve been told that tomorrow’s breakfast will include french toast. For me, that’s reason enough to be excited. So, in the interest of warm food, I bid you adieu.

Nathan Laxague signing off (somewhere between writing another food-related paragraph and getting my food stolen from me).