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CARTHE All Hands Meeting Miami, Florida 29-31 May 2013
Oceanic Turbulence
(3.6 Mb, 36pp)
Andrew Poje City University of New York
State of the art NRL Modeling and Data Assimilation
(38 Mb, 149pp)
Gregg Jacobs NRL-SSC
State of the art Coastal Modeling
(85 Mb, 240pp)
Clint Dawson University of Texas at Austin
The Path to GLAD : A Historical Perspective of Lagrangian Oceanic Research
(14 Mb, 47pp)
Denny Kirwan University of Delaware
Theory of Lagrangian Coherent Structures
(28 Mb, 28pp)
Javier Beron-Vera University of Miami, RSMAS
CARTHE All Hands Meeting Miami, Florida 2-4 Oct 2013
Oceanic Submesoscale Turbulence
(19 Mb, 56pp)
Jim McWilliams UCLA
Nek5000 and Spectral Element Methods for Ocean Modeling Applications
(7.9 Mb, 58pp)
Paul Fischer Argonne National Laboratory
The Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean
(3.4 Mb, 56pp)
Alexander Soloviev Nova Southeastern University
Surfzone Dynamics – Experiments and Modeling
(19 Mb, 35pp)
Ad Reniers University of Miami, RSMAS
Uncertainty Quantification
(7.2 Mb, 61pp)
Mohamed Iskandarani University of Miami, RSMAS
CARTHE All Hands Meeting Hollywood Beach, Florida April 30, May 1-2, 2014
Air-Sea Interaction – Importance of Small Scales
(4 Mb, 38pp)
Brian Haus University of Miami
Upper Ocean Turbulence
(Mb, pp)
Darek Bogucki TAMU-CC
Lagrangian Data Analysis – Methods and Applications
(13 Mb, 42pp)
Annalisa Griffa CNR, Italy
A Primer on Blending Data and Models – A Bayesian Perspective
(4.3 Mb, 136pp)
Juan M. Restrepo University of Arizona