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Young Scientist Visualizes Risk to Whales in an Oil Spill Scenario

(GoMRI) September 10, 2015
Fueled by a passion for science and endangered species, Alek designed and executed a research project that involved scientists from eight institutions, four-hundred drift cards, and over a year’s work. A substantial undertaking for any scientist, this is even more impressive because Alek is seven years old.

Alek Finds a Calling

Alek lives in Washington near the coast where he has spent much time watching and learning about orca whales, specifically the Southern Resident Killer Whale of which there are about eighty known remaining.

“I really like the white eye patches they have,” he said. Scientists at the Center for Whale Research near Alek’s home are working hard to track and protect these orcas. “Dr. Ken Balcomb is the main whale researcher there,” said Alek. “He inspires me because he stands up for these whales’ freedom and protection.”

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