Call for submissions: Air-Sea Interaction Session at Ocean Sciences Meeting

Two CARTHE graduate students, Nathan Laxague and David Ortiz-Suslow, will co-chair a session during the biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting, which will be held the 21-26 of February 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Advances in Understanding the Physical Processes at the Air-Sea Interface

Session Topic: Air-Sea Interaction and Upper Ocean Processes  (Session #9953)

The exchange of momentum, energy, and mass across the air-sea interface is significant for a number of atmospheric and oceanic processes, such as wind-wave growth, vertical heat flux, and various global cycles. These complex dynamics exist over a wide range of physical scales, with implications for local, regional, and climatic variability. Advances in satellite remote sensing spatial and temporal resolution have greatly improved the ability to characterize various surface processes over vast stretches of oceanic area. Of specific interest is characterizing wind-related processes over the diurnal cycle and understanding the role surface wind forcing has on large-scale transport. Understanding these phenomena hinge on proper characterization of the fine scale wind-wave-current coupling across the free surface. Challenges remain in understanding the nature of the air-sea interface in extreme conditions and along coastal margins, as well as characterizing the link between large- and small-scale processes. This session will provide a forum for studies focused on furthering the general understanding of ocean-atmosphere coupling in a variety of physical regimes. Observational and modeling studies are encouraged. Presentations of novel techniques or venues for air-sea interaction study are of particular interest.

Session Chairs:

David G. Ortiz-Suslow, University of Miami RSMAS, Miami, FL (CARTHE support)

Nathan Laxague,University of Miami RSMAS, Miami, FL (CARTHE student, GoMRI Scholar)

Thomas Kilpatrick, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA

Melanie R Fewings, University of CT at Avery Point, Groton, CT

The abstract website, , is currently open and accepting submissions. The deadline to submit an abstract is 23 September 2015 11:59 P.M. EDT.


Photo credit: Guillaume Novelli