SCOPE – Ebb Drifter Deployment #2 & High School drifters released!

Today was a busy day!

We did the second Ebb drifter deployment, this time with different wind conditions.  We also did a bathymetric survey off of Beasley Park and did a walking surfzone beach survey.


But the best part of the day was deploying the new drifters specially designed by Florida high school students from MAST Academy, South Broward High School, and Rickards High School. Drifters are important pieces of equipment that float along with the ocean currents and provide data on their location and speed to scientists via GPS units.  In this coastal experiment, the CARTHE scientists want to know how the currents and waves affect the movement of oil and other toxins onto shore.  These students were challenged to create new and improved drifters that can help scientists answer these tough but important questions.  The best drifters from each school were released today and will help add to the wide array of data we are collecting.  This is an important piece of this large puzzle.


dye screwsThere is no rest for the weary.  Tonight we must prepare for the surfzone dye experiment. Dye sensors placed on large trailer screws will be deployed in the alongshore to measure the alongshore dye dispersion and cross-shore dilution.