Homeward Bound

Nathan Laxague

Hello again, for the last time.

The Masco VIII scientific party is back in Miami, safe and sound. Their work concluded after the final drifter deployment outlined in the last post. The R/V F.G. Walton Smith took shelter by the Mississippi River delta, then proceeded to conduct Moving Vessel Profiler surveys through the Phase 3 drifter deployment location. That finished two days ago. Since then, we’ve been steadily steaming towards Miami and home. Our current ETA is 11:00 AM on Monday the 15th (Presidents Day). Apologies for the infrequent (and terse) writing. The cruise has been satisfying, though long and taxing. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day, and keep your eyes on our main page and our Facebook page for updates on the drifter motions!

Nathan Laxague, signing off.