SCOPE – Let the experiment begin!

Day 1 – Truck arrived.  It was unloaded and the boats are now in the water. We have the instruments set-up and ready to go for tomorrow.

scope drifters driveway

Day 2 – We got the instruments in today. Thermocline was felt with much warmer water on the bottom. Waves are picking up. We did a walking survey within the surf zone and dry beach.

Inshore sensors are in a rip channel.  Below are the sensors listed from offshore to onshore (Note there is an offshore bar hence the rise and decline in depth):

  • 10m depth – ADCP 1Hzsampling, CTD at the bottom 0.5Hz sampling, thermistor string 8 nodes 8s sampling
  • 5m depth – pressure and temperature sensor on the bottom 1Hz sampling
  • 4m depth – ADCP 1Hz sampling,  CTD at the bottom 0.5Hz sampling
  • 6m depth –  pressure and temperature sensor on the bottom 1Hz sampling, thermistor string 8 nodes 8s sampling
  • 3m depth – ADCP 1Hz sampling,  CTD at the bottom 0.5Hz sampling
  • 2m depth – ADCP 1Hz sampling,  CTD at the bottom 0.5Hz sampling

Day 3 – Near shore drifter deployment – We deployed 53 drifters in an alongshore array and cross-shore array at the experimental site. Every drifter ended up on the beach.

Day 4 – East Pass Ebb Drifter Deployment – We deployed 13 drifters every hour from 6am-9am. 52 drifters in total. We retrieved 2 drifters in the end. They are still going! Will they end up on the beach?