Singapore student scientists

Carthe_Bob the DrifterFourth grade students from the Singapore American School in Singapore were searching the internet one day to look for ways they could help the ocean.  They came across Bob the Drifter and the CARTHE website, and decided they wanted to build a drifter!  This precocious group of students designed, built, and tested their very own Bob.

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They made videos, comics, and a Popplet to synthesize all they had learned.  When they contacted us for feedback we were blown away by their professionalism and passion.  CARTHE Outreach Manager Laura Bracken had the honor of Skyping with them to share information about our research and thoughts on how they could improve their design.  They asked great questions about what materials to use (something biodegradable that won’t sink too fast), how we power our GPS units (batteries), and do we record data day and night (yes).


These budding scientists also realize that science communication is important and wanted to share what they had learned with others!  They went to other classrooms in their school to give presentations on drifters, oil spills and ocean currents.

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The Kindergarten class loved their presentation so much that they were inspired to build their own Bob the Drifter!  The Bob on the left is equipped with a beverage and book, in case he’s lost at sea.


Working with groups like this is so rewarding!  Thank you so much to Ms. Harter and all her students!

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