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CARTHE Art Project

cARThe – CARTHE-inspired Art Project

Physical oceanography inspired art used to share CARTHE research with the public.  From beautiful sections of computer models to poems and photography, this page is sure to inspire the artist and scientist alike.  Enjoy and feel free to share your scientific art with us!


Print Art:


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.07.09 PM

Beautiful abstract art…..


Pollution Transport Models?

pollutant transport in the ocean



Density field and 3D Lagrangian coherent structures


 oil plume gas plume

Large eddy simulation of a buoyant plume in a linearly stratified environment. (Credit Tamay Ozgokmen)


Ashley aaashley bbashley ccashley dd

Relative vorticity at 5 m above the source at a) day 10, b) day 20, c) day 30, and d) day 45. Red (blue) colors indicate cyclonic (anticyclonic) rotation, or counterclockwise (clockwise) motion. (Credit: Ashley Stroman)



1st clouds-evan_clouds 3

The CARTHE Photo Contest features amazing images from the air-sea interface.
Check out last year’s winners and submit your photos for this year’s contest!



CARTHE has partnered with the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation on the Piano SLAM poetry competition to inspire middle and high school students to write science-inspired poetry.  This event has inspired some of the CARTHE team to try their hand at writing poetry and the results are beautiful.  Enjoy!

Adrift by Nathan Laxague
graduate student, GoMRI scholar

another dance of swirl and sway
will rise on high from night to day
and rock my soul with surge and swell
from evening song to morning bell

the slightest sense of creeping cold
does well to keep my temper dulled
and sweep soft thoughts on swells so swift
that fill the hours of night adrift

in sweetly singing, rolling seas
that pull the cares from hearts with ease
I’ll swim till surf sees hills of sand
that rouse and guide me back to land

Friend and Foe by Sharon Chinchilla

Without worry or care
Come explore if you dare
With caution thrown
This beach, now your own
Breezes gently entice
Below sapphire skies
Scent deliciously rare
Skin glistening, bare
Destination unknown
But familiar like home
Water invites
Shorebirds in flight
As the oceans roar
Your soul craves more
Of the saltwater touch
Your hands seashells clutch
Gentle yet volatile
Calm seas are riled
Waves stand tall
And violently fall
Enveloped by power
On the shore you cower
In respect and awe
Ocean, mighty and raw

A haiku by Nathan Laxague
graduate student, GoMRI scholar

wind whips roughened sea
interface in constant flux
air and water’s dance

An experimental poem by Sharon Chinchilla

Anchor’s aweigh!
As you start your day
You look for the spot
Could it be? Maybe not.
No time to stress
You’ve got GPS.
But it’s outta battery
Your eyes just got watery.
Now now…no time to fret
We have ocean data to collect
But techy devices aren’t always for sure
When things like this happen, just trust in nature
There’s always a method you won’t regret
Following currents is your best bet
Let’s see, for instance
Out in the distance…
There’s flotsam and jetsam
It’s time to go get some
Scientific data
Record it , you gotta
With drifters afloat
Don’t fall off the boat!
Now that’s a good start
And you’re feeling smart.
But you’re not quite done
There’s no time for fun!
Data points to measure
It’s more work than pleasure.
Oceanography, it’s hard work for sure
But of the ocean we still must learn more

Share your science-inspired art with us or contact us if you’d like to get involved!  lbracken@rsmas.miami.edu