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In order to reach our goal of accurately predicting the fate of hydrocarbons (oil) released into the environment,  the CARTHE team conducts field experiments throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  The data collected during these trials are then used in our computer models and help us predict where pollutants might travel in the case of an emergency spill.

To learn more about the CARTHE Drifter, please follow this link to Pacific Gyre.

CARTHE has conducted three large field experiments to date.  Please take a moment to learn about each unique project:

GLAD – Grand LAgrangian Deployment, August 2012

Hercules – Response to the Hercules 265 drilling rig explosion, July 2013

SCOPE – Surfzone Coastal Oil Pathways Experiment, December 2013

LASER – LAgrangian Submesoscale ExpeRiment, 2016.

SPLASH – Submesoscale Processes and Lagrangian Analysis on the Shelf, 2017.