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Frost Science Museum – Power of Science

Frost Science Museum – Power of Science – CARTHE Drifter on Display

Opening July 3. Explore how science pushes the boundaries of possibility as you learn about groundbreaking research and discoveries by scientists, including those from the University of Miami.

Scientists, including Frost Science’s partners from the University of Miami, take risks that lead to groundbreaking discoveries, highlighted at four scientific frontiers: our oceans, environment, bodies and universe. Power of Science, a new permanent exhibition at Frost Science, invites you to step into the shoes of these researchers, explorers, and inventors through a series of hands-on exhibits, cutting-edge interactives, rare specimens, an interactive floor, a deep dive into the periodic table of elements, a showcase of collection pieces and scientific instruments used across various scientific fields and more. Explore the scientific process by asking questions, gaining insight, and persevering through challenges, as you strive to reach a powerful new understanding about ourselves and our world.

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