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Study Characterizes River Plume Mixing Processes in Coastal Waters

March 7, 2017

(GoMRI) March 7, 2017 Scientists assessed the behavior of a Florida river plume to determine how it might influence the transport and dispersion of surface oil near coastal regions. The researchers found that the near-surface measurements of dissipation at the front’s bounding edge were four orders of magnitude larger than the environment beneath. Frontal processes […]

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Study Identifies Ocean Processes That Drive Surface Material Clustering

October 20, 2016

(GoMRI) October 20, 2016 Scientists analyzed Gulf of Mexico model simulations to understand the flow processes that drive clustering of buoyant material such as Sargassum, oil from seeps and spills, and debris on the ocean surface. They observed similar clustering patterns from the deep ocean and continental shelf, though the processes driving clustering differed between […]

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Scientists Use Oil Spill Research to Track Pollution in Biscayne Bay

September 22, 2016

(GoMRI) September 22, 2016 It’s almost like a game of tug-of-war. There are growing numbers of residents, tourists, and industry at one end and the environment where people live, work, and play at the other. When the former increases, the latter is stressed. This scenario plays out all over the world, especially in coastal areas. […]

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Current event: Scientists study trash, pollution flow in Biscayne Bay

September 13, 2016

(Miami Herald) September 13, 2016 by Jenny Staletovich In mangroves behind Vizcaya, plastic bottles, tampon applicators and bits of styrofoam regularly get trapped in the tangle of roots as if captured in a storm drain. Out the mouth of the Miami River and across Biscayne Bay on Miami Beach, stormwater flushes human and animal wastes […]

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