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Ocean Current in Gulf of Mexico Linked to Red Tide

January 12, 2016

Results can help provide warning of red tide conditions in Florida’s coastal regions January 12, 2016 MIAMI – A new study found that a major ocean current in the Gulf of Mexico plays an important role in sustaining Florida red tide blooms. The University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science research […]

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Grad Student Hamilton Hunts Oil Using Microbes

November 11, 2015

(GoMRI) November 11, 2015 Bryan Hamilton never planned to be a microbiologist, but when the opportunity arose to study microbes that produce biosurfactant in response to oil exposure, he was drawn in completely. His research investigated the potential connection between these microbes and natural surface slicks and if this connection could help scientists detect oil […]

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Modelling Study Quantifies Gas Bubbles Effects on Oil Plume Dynamics

September 30, 2015

(GoMRI) September 30, 2015 Scientists assessed subsurface hydrocarbon plume simulations to understand the role of released gases on plume behavior. The simulations showed that the presence of gas, even at relatively small volumes, significantly increased the mixing of hydrocarbons in the plume. Gas bubbles moving past the slower-moving oil amplified vertical and horizontal plume growth. […]

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Young Scientist Visualizes Risk to Whales in an Oil Spill Scenario

September 10, 2015

(GoMRI) September 10, 2015 Fueled by a passion for science and endangered species, Alek designed and executed a research project that involved scientists from eight institutions, four-hundred drift cards, and over a year’s work. A substantial undertaking for any scientist, this is even more impressive because Alek is seven years old. Alek Finds a Calling […]

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