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International SeaKeepers Society assists in Gulf research

April 21, 2015

(Trade Only Today) The International SeaKeepers Society and the Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment teamed up for an expedition contributing to the consortium’s drifter design experiments. Data collected from these drifter design experiments and last September’s research are in preparation for a large-scale project to study currents and water […]

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Research on Oil Transport that Informs Spill Response

April 20, 2015

(GoMRI) The first in a three-part series of GoMRI science-for-response articles If another oil spill were to occur in the Gulf of Mexico today, have there been scientific advances and new tools developed that could better inform response decisions? Have communication and collaboration among scientists and responders improved? Yes and yes. Recently, consortia directors and […]

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Five Things The Gulf Oil Spill Has Taught Us About the Ocean

While researching the spill, scientists tracked deep-sea sharks, found new mud dragons, and discovered a type of ocean current By Hannah Waters smithsonian.com The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill is considered the largest accidental marine spill in U.S. history and a disaster for human and non-human communities along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. […]

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5 years after BP spill, drillers push into riskier depths

By CAIN BURDEAU Associated Press 04/20/2015 ON THE GULF OF MEXICO Five years after the nation’s worst offshore oil spill, the industry is working on drilling even further into the risky depths beneath the Gulf of Mexico to tap massive deposits once thought unreachable. Opening this new frontier, miles below the bottom of the Gulf, […]

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