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Okaloosa County Oil Spill Study

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OKALOOSA COUNTY — Researchers working on new ways to track oil spills are doing a major study in Okaloosa County. A team led by scientists from the University of Miami has placed two-hundred GPS drifters in the water. They’ll use those to track currents near shore. They also plan to use unmanned aerial vehicles to track how substances spread in the surf. During that test, a bright purple temporary dye will be put in the water. Researchers say not to be alarmed by how it looks. Dr. Ad Reniers/U of Miami “People do not have to be afraid about stepping into it, or…. it’s not going to hurt fish, turtles… it’s all fine.” The purpose of the study is to build better prediction models. It’s part of a ten-year research program by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, funded by BP.

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