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Smithsonian Publicizes CARTHE Drifters Research

The Smithsonian Ocean Portal posted a story on the GoMRI-funded CARTHE project, a multi-year research effort to study how the ocean moves. The article describes how CARTHE scientists use drifters to collect real-time data about surface and below-surface currents from ship to shore Gulf waters. The data are being used right now to improve prediction models for future oil spills.

For background, read about CARTHE’s first drifter deployment GLAD: A Grand Experiment for Transformative Research in Gulf Oil Studies and their recent second deployment SCOPE that used drifters, dye, and drones to Track the Last Mile before Oil Meets the Beach. You can Follow the Journey of CARTHE Drifters in the Gulf and learn how the Drifters in the Path of Hurricane Isaac Provide New Insights on Ocean Currents.

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