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Understanding the next oil spill

Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment

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CARTHE is a research team dedicated to predicting the fate of oil released into our environment to help inform and guide response teams, thereby protecting and minimizing damage to human health, the economy, and the environment.

How CARTHE works

how carthe works
Explore this interactive graphic to discover how researchers are collaborating in one of the most important oceanographic projects of our time
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Study Describes Transport Pathways During Estuary and Coastal Waters Exchange


(GoMRI) An international science team conducted a tidal-cycle study across a Destin, Florida inlet to better understand currents and the transport of dissolved and suspended materials between an estuary and the coastal ocean. They observed salinity and water temperature fronts at low and high tide. The high tide front transported oceanic buoyant material into the […]

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Bob The Drifter Inspires Singapore Classroom to Conduct Oil Spill Research Experiment


(GoMRI) A fourth grade class at Singapore American School found Bob the Drifter and the CARTHE science group while researching ocean science and pollution online. CARTHE’s drifter experiments, GLAD and SCOPE, are helping scientists understand how ocean surface currents move pollutants such as oil. CARTHE’s visually-engaging experiments and their animated, data-gathering mascot “Bob” motivated these […]

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VENU Magazine – International Seakeepers Society

International Seakeepers Society A nonprofit organization comprised of opinion leaders, scientist, and environmental advocates that promotes oceanographic research, conservation abd education through direct involvement with the yachting community. by Molly Canfield, VENU Magazine, Spring 2015 Read full article

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